My name is Azher (اظہر) and I am a qualitative researcher, anthropologist, writer and a teacher. I was awarded PhD in Interdisciplinary Child Research at the Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology (NTNU, Trondheim Norway) for my thesis “Infant Healthcare Belief Practices and Social Value of the Child”. I hold Master degree in Childhood Studies from NTNU (Norway), and Master degrees in Education (major in Educational Psychology), and Islamic Studies from University of the Punjab, Pakistan. By now I have nearly eight years of university teaching and research supervision experience in behavioral sciences.

Currently, I am researching social resilience and migration, in the context of challenges and changes that shape immigrants lives in the host country. My research project investigates the young adult immigrants’ lived experiences in the host country with an emphasis on social resilience as a phenomenon characterized by turning points during the life transition of young adult immigrants in the host country.